Floodwoods Farm

100% Grass-fed Belted Galloway cows in Vermont

Love where your food comes from!™

We've been raising grass-fed and grass-finished Belted Galloway cows for beef and breeding in Vermont's Mad River Valley since 1961.

If you are trying to find our beef in stores or would like information on buying directly, please call us at 802-503-5066 or email beef@floodwoods.com

100% Grass-Finished; 0% Antibiotics, Hormones or Steroids

Floodwoods continues to breed the 2nd oldest US Registered Belted Galloway herd in North America. The handsome Floodwoods herd maintains a solid reputation for pure-bred, hardy breeding stock that accentuates the inherent attributes of the Belted Galloway breed, excellent foragers with excellent confirmation and suitable for rough terrain in harsh climates.